ACAMP – An Engine For Innovation

Dr. Sergio Kapusta  Former Chairman of the Board

It is an honor and a pleasure to address the Alberta technology community and the ACAMP family.

By way of introduction, I joined the ACAMP Board in 2015, after retiring as Chief Scientist of the Royal Dutch Shell Group. I re-joined the faculty of Rice University, in Houston, where I teach Energy Innovations at the engineering and business schools.

I was very familiar with ACAMP’s vision and achievements in my role as main focal point for Shell’s advanced sensor technology program. Few organizations have the depth and scope of ACAMP, to transform technology ideas into manufacturable products.

The development of sensing, communications and other electronic technologies with broad applications in the oil and gas sector is what attracted me to work with ACAMP’s customers in developing monitoring systems for wells, pipelines and refineries.

I am excited and amazed by the quality of services that ACAMP provides to its customers, in advancing the high-tech industry in Alberta. Few institutions anywhere in North America can provide these services, especially with the speed and quality of ACAMP.

I am also amazed by the ingenuity of Alberta’s (and Canada’s) high-tech entrepreneurs, who are creating a new economy to supplement the energy sector, and by the long-term vision that fosters a dynamic business-government-academic partnership in the province.

The opportunities for growth in Alberta are tremendous, and ACAMP is one of its growth engines.

Come join us!