Micro/Nanotechnology (MNT) and Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems or MEMS products are no larger than a grain of sand and built on the premise of making electronic and mechanical components smaller, faster and less expensive than ever before.

In Alberta’s burgeoning nanotechnology industry these tiny devices are being utilized in specialized markets with specific applications that benefit all Canadians.


The primary impact of nanotechnologies in energy related markets is in more efficient use of existing resources.

Applications of nanotechnology advances in the energy markets include:

  • Oil Industry sensors for >170Âșc applications
  • Advances in battery technology, photovoltaics
  • Advanced materials for energy saving and energy generation
  • Solid state lighting, nanocomposite materials


Nanotechnology is the key technology for addressing solutions to environmental concerns through detection, sensing, analysis, action and remediation developments.

Applications of nanotechnology advances in the environmental markets include:

  • Pathogen detection and determination in water, air or soil
  • Environmentally friendly applications
  • Sustainable and clean industrial practices


Developments and nanotechnology applications in the agriculture industry is an integral part of resolving the crisis related to supply and demand around the world.

Applications of nanotechnology advances in the agriculture/forestry markets include:

  • Animal feed in the production of safe food
  • Food preservation and packaging technology
  • Quality assurances


Improved information communications technologies result in higher speed transmissions, improved clarity, reduced temperature and more reliable relays of information that result in advanced benefits to consumers.

Applications of nanotechnology advances in the ICT markets include:

  • Advanced assembly technologies with improved chip to chip interconnects
  • Optical transceivers on a single chip
  • Verification and testing of wireless communication systems


Opportunities in the medical/health markets foster innovation by using nanotechnology to develop safe and effective drugs, biologics and medical devices.

Applications of nanotechnology advances in the medical/health markets include:

  • Toxicology research
  • Bacterial and virus detection
  • Micro-targeted medication application
  • Drug dispensing on a nanoscale
  • Coating technology on medical devices or implants that defer rejection