Prototyping and low volume MNT manufacturing

  • Fully flexible manufacturing capability from initial prototyping to low volume manufacturing
  • Development of custom process flows

Simulation and prototype design for MNT based hardware products

  • Ansys multiphysics
  • ADS high speed system simulation
  • Zemax and OptiBPM optical simulations
  • Solidworks 3-D modelling

Microfluidics 12” hot embossing manufacturing

  • Polymer chips (PMMA, COC and others)
  • On chip electrodes, valves, pumps, heaters and other components
  • Design and development of florescent readers
  • In house nickel mold making capability for rapid turnaround prototyping

Low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) manufacturing

  • up to 25 layer ceramic circuit boards with integrated resistors, capacitors and inductors
  • Hermetic cavity sealing
  • Pins, solder balls and other connectors
  • Application expertise in:
    • High temperature electronics and sensors
    • RF and microwave
    • High reliability assembly for sensing and other applications
    • Inertial and GNSS sensors

MEMS & NEMS sensor packaging, assembly and test

  • Vacuum packaging for resonant sensors
  • Ceramic and plastic cavity packages

Optical packaging, assembly and test

  • Free space micro-optics including mid-IR lasers
  • Fiber coupled packages for components and subsystems
  • RF feed-throughs

Ultrasound transducer & sensor test and characterization

  • Encapsulation and packaging of ultrasound transducers
  • Design of ultrasound systems

Lithography and electroforming

  • 5um patterning capability for thick and thin resists
  • Electroforming and electroplating of Ni, Cu, Al


Characterization and failure analysis

  • Comprehensive suite of tools for characterization and failure analysis
    • SEM with EDS, X-ray, scanning acoustic microscope, surface profilometer, tensile/compression test
    • Reliability testing – temperature, humidity, thermal shock, drop shock, vibration
    • Optical test tools
    • Suite of simulation tools

Inertial product assembly, test, characterization and measurement

  • High precision 3-axis rate table for IMU characterization
  • Electrical measurement capability DC-60 GHz
  • In-line measurement for process control


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