• Elegant build & testing solutions for Norcada Inc.’s new laser product line.
  • Helping SmileSonica Inc. create happier smiles globally.

Elegant build & testing solutions for
Norcada Inc.’s new laser product line

“ACAMP’s portfolio of skills and advanced manufacturing equipment is an extremely valuable asset for our community. By working collaboratively with our engineering team and helping Norcada work through packaging and manufacturing challenges, ACAMP supplemented our skill set, leading to the launch of a new family of products.”

Graham McKinnon, P.Eng., co-founder and president, Norcada Inc.

The opportunity

Norcada Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta, has manufactured precision optical components used in scientific applications since 2001. They supply finely-dimensioned silicon devices as sample holders for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-Ray microscopy.

Customer demand led them to design another product line: tunable lasers for gas spectroscopy applications.

However, making complicated devices like laser modules brought new design challenges.

They needed a mechanical, thermal and optical design that would enable the various components to be integrated in a small package with the requisite quality and performance.

The assembly process had to be compatible with small-volume prototyping as well as larger-volume production in a way that would allow confident repeated assembly with a high degree of accuracy and precision.

The ACAMP solution

To meet these engineering challenges, Norcada turned to ACAMP to study the design parameters and develop a suitable assembly process. The new assembly procedures made use of ACAMP’s advanced manufacturing equipment. The joint engineering team developed build techniques to ensure the challenging size requirements and tight placement tolerances could be consistently met.

Later, ACAMP developed accelerated lifetime testing methods to evaluate the reliability of the lasers and assembly procedures. This testing provided Norcada with the confidence that the lasers would meet their expectations for lifetime duration and reliability.

The result

ACAMP’s targeted engineering support helped Norcada to overcome design hurdles quickly and effectively. The engineering product development experience of ACAMP staff contributed greatly to this design-for-manufacturing project, resulting in an elegant, robust solution that works well in harsh environments. Now in production, the assembly process, which continues to make use of ACAMP’s advanced equipment, allows Norcada to efficiently produce tunable lasers for customers.

Norcada’s lasers can be found in environmental sensors used around the world including at refineries where emissions are controlled.

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Helping SmileSonica Inc. commercialize
the Aevo System™ for a global market

“ACAMP has been a most helpful partner throughout our growth — from research and development to product and market growth.”

Cristian Scurtescu, MSc, P.Eng, Founder and CEO, SmileSonica Inc.

The opportunity

During his university R&D Engineer work, as part of a larger research team, Cristian Scurtescu worked on an early technology concept that would later become the foundation of a new product for orthodontic treatment – the Aevo System™.

Next, he resigned his full-time job with the university and founded SmileSonica Inc. to develop the Aevo System using his product engineering knowledge.

He approached ACAMP to assist his innovation from concept to product to market.

The ACAMP solution

Early in the product design, ACAMP helped SmileSonica by providing a review of the electronics design and offering guidance for the design of early prototype circuit boards.

Early prototype creation revealed that the theoretical ultrasonic energy transfer to the dental tissues in a patient’s mouth needed further optimization.

ACAMP helped SmileSonica to study the design using advanced multi-physics simulation software. The joint engineering team discovered that the shape and size of the transducers was a key element of the energy transfer efficiency.

Also ACAMP provided an approach to transducer characterization using advanced electronic test equipment. This helped with quality control of transducers.

Later SmileSonica purchased its own equipment for use in manufacturing.

Most recently ACAMP provided quick turn prototyping for electronic assemblies enabling SmileSonica to reduce the cycle time of research and development of improved products.

The result

Since overcoming these design challenges, SmileSonica has gone on to commercialize the Aevo System™, which is now in commercial clinical use in Canada, Australia and several European countries. The Aevo System is marketed as a therapeutic ultrasound system that accompanies and accelerates orthodontic treatment without causing pain or undesired side effects; with regular use allowing faster tooth movement, shortened orthodontic treatment times, and improved long-term oral health.

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