Welcome to ACAMP

ACAMP (Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products) is a not for profit organization that provides specialized services to micro nano technology clients.

We offer a wide range of services to private, technology-based medium size and start-up enterprises. Our services encompass key areas identified as critical for the commercialization of MNT products. They are: Marketing & Business Development, Product Development, Packaging and Assembly, Manufacturing, Test and Characterization.

ACAMP plays a major role in assisting technology companies:

  • Over 320 companies are clients of ACAMP
  • Top 10 companies generate over $70 million in revenue/year
  • ACAMP experienced multidisciplinary staff support over 70 projects/year
  • ACAMP has trained over 3,400 HQP (Highly Qualified Personnel) since 2008
  • Western Diversification has invested $15 million to date in ACAMP equipment
  • Province of Alberta invested $14 million to date in ACAMP operational fund

Please watch this video which showcases ACAMP’s work in innovative pipeline technology for Baker Hughes.